SOCIÉTÉ du Grand Paris (SGP) has awarded a consortium led by Ferrovial a €438m contract to bore 6.7km of tunnels between Saint-Quentin Est and Versailles-Chantiers stations as part of the city’s Grand Paris Express Line 18.

French companies in the consortium are Spie batignolles génie civil and Spie batignolles Valérian.

The work is scheduled to take 104 months and also includes construction of three stations and eight ancillary ventilation structures.

The project is expected to create 350 jobs and at least 10% of work hours will be allocated to people currently unemployed. This is expected to benefit approximately 40 people in the Yvelines region.

A map of Line 18. SGP.

The Grand Paris Express Project will extend the French capital’s metro and light rail network by 200km and 68 stations, and will improve connections between the city centre and outer suburbs. Line 18 will connect the Paris-Saclay research and development hub to Orly Airport and the city of Versailles.

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