THE first train to test new 3kV dc electrification on the 22km Reggio Emilia - Sassulo Radici route in the Italian region of Emilia Romagna ran on December 18.

Tests were successfully conducted with a Stadler ETR 350 EMU carrying technicians from regional infrastructure manager Emilia Romagna Railways (FER), with the train drawing the maximum current of 500A during its return journey.

The Reggio Emilia - Sassulo Radici route has been undergoing a major upgrade over the past four years. Work has included lengthening passing loops to 600m at Bosco, now completed, and at Scandiano where the extended loop is due to be commissioned next month.

The route is also being resignalled with electronic interlockings and the national SCMT ATP system. An ACCM electronic interlocking is due to be installed shortly at Sassulo Radici.

Electrification work has included the construction of a traction substation located between Casalgrande and Dinazzano.

The upgrade is expected to be completed at the start of March when electric passenger services will be introduced.

It is also hoped to introduce electric traction on freight services to the terminal at Dinazzano, which is currently handling up to 10 trains a day and around 4 million tonnes a year.

The FER network comprises 364km of mainly single-track routes, of which 195km are at presently electrified.

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