IRJ at the IAF track show in Münster: Hilton Kommunal is showing a new catenary maintenance vehicle at IAF that it has built for electrification contractor Eqos Energie.

The vehicle is equipped with a variety of features to help Eqos complete different tasks, including: a Palfinger PKR 115 crane with a work basket capable of supporting a load of up to 280kg; a Palfinger PA1002 platform with three baskets; an additional outrigger; a Palfinger PFD 99 contact wire and cable positioner; a Schunk WBL 851-8810.4720 pantograph to measure horizontal contact wire position; and a non-contact ultrasonic wire measuring system.

Mr Jan Diemont, sales manager at Hilton Kommunal, says developments in lightweight steel production over the past decade have enabled the supplier to increase the functionality and capability of its road-rail vehicles to conduct more maintenance tasks on the track, effectively closing the gap between road-rail vehicles and traditional track maintenance machines.

The vehicle is based on the chassis of a MAN TGS 35.470 8x4 BL truck. However, rather than relying on a traditional two-axle configuration, it has two bogies, developed in-house by Hilton Kommunal and equipped with four hydrostatically driven axles. The rear bogie features a 100° slewing range to ease the process of switching between road and rail. The vehicle can operate at a maximum speed of 24.9km/h when on track and weighs 32 tonnes.