Bane Nor has allocated an additional NKr 1.4bn for the rollout of ERTMS, with funding for major new developments to be taken from the separate NKr 11.6bn railway investment budget.

Projects due to be undertaken in 2020 include:

Dovre line:

  • sleeper and rail renewals
  • bridge and superstructure maintenance, and
  • vegetation-clearing

Østfold line:

  • vegetation management
  • track insulation
  • drainage
  • signalling, rail and sleeper renewals
  • power supply renewals
  • insulated and adhesive joints replacement
  • bridge maintenance, and
  • switch replacements at Vestby north

Vestfold line:

  • vegetation measures, and
  • low-voltage catenary renewals

Gardermo line:

  • Gardermoen station platform 3 upgrades
  • superstructure and substructure maintenance
  • low and high voltage catenary renewals, and
  • signalling renewals

Hoved line:

  • ballast, rail and sleep replacement at Dal, Jessheim and Hauerseter
  • earth stabilisation at Varud stop
  • replacement of two switches on Asper
  • vegetation clearing
  • repair of signal relay groups in Oslo
  • track and switch renewals at Alnabru, and track renewal in Lodalen, and
  • construction of a power supply for an auxiliary heating system in Loenga

Drammen line:

  • catenary renewal on the 7.5km double-track Slependen - Asker section
  • new mains distribution board at Nationaltheatret station
  • renewals on the Lier - Brakerøya section, in preparation for new catenary
  • replacement of sleepers between Lier and Brakerøya
  • rehabilitation of the Lieråsen tunnel, which is scheduled for completion in 2021, and
  • new track junction in Bærumstunellen (Lysaker)

Bratsberg line:

  • replace around 2500 wooden sleepers with concrete sleepers, and
  • bridge renovations

Spikkestad line:

  • component replacement and minor maintenance measures

Sørlands line:

  • rail replacement
  • catenary, rail, bridge and tunnel renewals
  • sandblasting and painting of a steel bridge
  • security systems
  • renovation of technical buildings and rooms

Arendal line:

  • sleeper renewals

Bergens line:

  • ballast cleaning
  • instillation of avalanche protection measures
  • forest and vegetation clearing
  • platform extensions at Dale and Evanger stations
  • bridge maintenance
  • catenary upgrades
  • rail renewal in tunnels, and
  • ballast renewals

Randsfjord line:

  • catenary replacement, and
  • minor repairs, component replacement and maintenance

Roa-Hønefoss line:

  • minor repairs, component replacement and maintenance


  • drainage improvements
  • renovation of snow protection measures, and
  • sleeper replacement

Gjøvik line:

  • ground work and technical work at Gjøvik station in preparation for the construction of two new tracks
  • track and switch renewals, and
  • drainage and culverts maintenance

Kongsvinger line:

  • catenary replacement
  • drainage and culvert improvements
  • sleeper and switch renewals
  • ballast replacement at Blaker station
  • renovation of Fetsund Bridge
  • bridge maintenance, and
  • vegetation clearing

Rauma line:

  • renewal of the Åndalsnes freight terminal

Røros line:

  • track renewal, and
  • vegetation management

Solør line:

  • track renewal, and
  • replacement of insulated joints

Nordlands line:

  • sleeper, ballast and switch renewals
  • drainage improvements
  • tunnel protection against fire and flooding
  • forest clearing and post-growth treatment
  • superstructure maintenance
  • rail profiling, and
  • maintenance of snow protection measures

Ofot line:

  • replacement of rails and sleepers on several sections
  • rail profiling
  • renovation of snow protection measures, and
  • repairs at Narvik freight terminal

Other measures include:

  • upgrading the Vicos communication solution
  • preparation and construction of 800m of catenary at Notodden
  • nationwide track maintenance, including alignment, point packing, track adjustment, ballast cleaning, augmentation and profiling, rail grinding, and rail lubrication
  • preparation for the introduction of ERTMS
  • maintenance measures at terminals, buildings and technical buildings
  • renewals at power supply plants
  • measures at stations to improve boarding and alighting, and parking, and
  • general inspections and minor repairs

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