MR Max Theurer, CEO of Plasser & Theurer, presented the first all-electric hybrid Unimat 09-4x4/4S Dynamic E3 tamping machine to Mr Markus Egerer, CEO of DB Bahnbau on September 20. DB has an option until 2026 for a second machine.

The tamper is fitted with traction motors and a pantograph which power the machine, as well as a diesel engine for operation on non-electrified lines or when the overhead power is switched off. The machine can operate at up to 100km/h between work sites.

The electrically powered one-sleeper tamping unit can continuously maintain both plain line track and turnouts. The tamper is designed for maximum flexibility in turnouts thanks to the variable use of 16 tamping tines, third rail lifting, and fourth-rail tamping technology. The machine is also fitted with a DGS dynamic track stabiliser and a trailer with a sweeping unit to ensure a good finish after tamping.

The new hybrid tamper is quieter than a conventional machine, with noise levels reduced by about 20dBA. Plasser says the hybrid drive also significantly reduces the consumption of vehicle fluids with potential savings of around €170 per hour compared with conventional diesel drive. The machine also requires 80% less oil.

The tamper also has a dedicated crew room with an integrated workshop area so that crew members do not need to leave the machine for breaks or small servicing jobs.

The new hybrid tamper is designed to have a minimum service life of 30 years.