Nearly 170km of track will be replaced on the Kalina - Rusiec Łódzki - Zduńska Wola Karsznice section, along with the replacement of 238 switches and reconstruction of more than 200km of catenary.

Safety standards at 53 level crossings will be improved, and 77 structures, including 13 bridges and 15 viaducts, will be strengthened to cope with heavier 22.5-tonne axleloads.

Station platforms in Herby Nowe, Chorzew Siemkowice, Rusiec Łódzki, Huta, Chociw Łaski, Siedlce Łaskie, Kozuby and Zduńska Wola will be rebuilt to improve accessibility for passengers with reduced mobility.

The investment is co-financed by the European Union. The Porr-Lider consortium has been awarded a Zlotys 1.2bn, 44-month contract, while Zue has been awarded a Zlotys 582.7m, 41-month contract.

To ensure the efficient and safe operation of passenger and freight trains, two local traffic control centres (LCS) equipped with modern computer systems will be built in Herby Nowe and Zduńska Wola.

The reconstructed tracks and new safety devices will allow passenger trains to operate at up to 140km/h and freight trains to operate at up to 120km/h.

“The value of completed and ongoing contracts and those that will start by the end of the first half of 2020 is worth more than Zlotys 60bn - around 90% of the National Railway Programme,” says PKP PLK president, Mr Ireneusz Merchel.