SERBIA plans to rebuild and modernise about 300km of railway in 2022 compared with 450km in 2021.

Railway Infrastructure Serbia (IŽS) says work has begun to modernise the 108km Novi Sad - Subotica section of the Novi Sad - Subotica - Kelebija line. A new underpass is being built in Novi Sad, where the station is also being reconstructed. The reconstruction of the full Novi Sad - Kelebija line is due to be completed in November 2024.

The modernisation of the 68.8km Jajinci - Mala Krsna line, which forms part of the Pan-European railway Corridor X through Serbia, is in the final phase. Work began in September on the 22.8km Niš - Brestovac line, which also forms part of the corridor between Niš and Preševo. Eight new reinforced concrete bridges are being built to replace existing bridges. When completed in June 2023, the reconstructed line will allow 120km/h operation.

A 3.6km section between Horgos and Backi Vinogradi has been rebuilt since October 2021 as part of the 26.6km Subotica - Horgoš line, with preparatory activities underway to lay another 4.5km of line. The work is expected to be finished ahead of the  November deadline. The new line will be electrified and equipped for up to 120km/h operation.

The 75km reconstructed Belgrade - Novi Sad line is due to begin commercial services in March, four years after construction began.

Bids are being evaluated for the construction of the Stalac - Đunis tunnel on the Belgrade - Niš line, while a tender procedure for the modernisation of the Niš - Dimitrovgrad line is ongoing.

Documentation is also being prepared for the modernisation and reconstruction of another 720km of lines over the next few years. This includes Sićevo - Dimitrovgrad, with a bypass around Niš; Stalać - Đunis; Valjevo - Vrbnica, which connects with Bar, Montenegro; the Beli Potok - Vinča - Pancevo bypass; Resnik - Velika Plana - Niš - Preševo​​ - the Serbian-Northern Macedonian border; and Stara Pazova - Sid.

Over the past seven years, Serbia has completed the reconstruction of 750km of lines, including 229km of main lines and 592km of regional lines. In 2021, this included 150km of regional lines including the 108km Nis - Zajecar, 28.5km Kumane - Banatsko Milosevo and 9.5km Novi Sad-Bogojevo lines.