VIAMOBILIDADE has awarded Siemens Mobility two contracts to design, supply and install an automated signalling system for São Paulo Metropolitan Trains Company (CPTM) Line 8-Diamond and install new electrification and traction power systems for both Line 8 and Line 9-Emerald.

The ViaMobilidade Consortium, comprising the CCR Group and Ruas Investimento e Participações, won a concession to operate lines 8 and 9 in April 2021. The consortium submitted a Reais 980m ($US 175.9m) bid for the concession during an auction on the Brazilian Stock Exchange on April 20, which was 202% higher than the minimum bid of Reais 323.9m.

The work will enhance the availability, operation, sustainability and passenger experience on both lines, and open the way for further signalling and operating improvements such as increased automation and energy efficiency.

The signalling work on Line 8 will include installing Westrace MkII electronic interlockings around Osasco, Presidente Altino and Imperatriz Leopoldina stations, and track improvements and the relocation of automatic train stop systems at Barra Funda station.

The electrical work on lines 8 and 9 will involve upgrading the complete electric system needed for the operation of the lines, including refurbishing electric substations and installing new electric cabinets and power lines at a number of stations.

Line 8 is 41km long with 22 stations serving six municipalities in the São Paulo metropolitan region and has a fleet of 36 trains that carry around 500,000 passengers a day. Line 9 is 31.8km long, with 18 stations and a fleet 36 trains that carry around 600,000 passengers a day.