Siemens says Reams will increase overall availability and improve operational efficiency by limiting maintenance downtime, increasing infrastructure reliability and optimising the lifecycle costs of key assets.

The system initially will be rolled out on Singapore’s 42km, 34-station Downtown Line (DTL), which has a fleet of 92 trains.

The consortium will develop a software platform that will store and analyse data from DTL’s maintenance management system and the core systems that are critical to DTL’s efficient operation, including trains, signalling, platform screen doors, power supply system, tracks, communications and the integrated supervisory control system.

Data will be combined with financial information to create decision-supporting tools for data-centric asset management. The Reams core functions are expected to be operational by mid-2020, with other metro lines added in future phases.

“The shift towards data-driven, just-in-time predictive maintenance and asset monitoring is key to guaranteeing 100% availability of an entire system - from rolling stock to signalling, power and communications - and enhancing its performance over the lifecycle,” says Siemens Mobility’s rail service business CEO, Mr Johannes Emmelheinz.