THE secretary general for land transport at Spain’s Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Ms Marta Serrano, has unveiled a master plan that will see total of €2.2bn invested in rail infrastructure in the northern region of Asturias.

The master plan covers the rail, port and road projects that will be undertaken in Asturias as Spain works to deliver its sections of the Atlantic Corridor of the European Union’s (EU) Trans-European Transport (TEN-T) network.

As it works to complete the TEN-T core network by the EU deadline of 2030, the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility will invest a total of €2.1bn in Asturias. A further €675m will be spent to complete the comprehensive network by 2050.

The €2.2bn to be spent on rail projects to improve both passenger and freight services will focus on the main line running from León to Oviedo and the port of Gijón, part of the TEN-T core network.

The branch to the port of Avilés forms part of the complementary network and investment is also planned in the urban centres of Oviedo and Gijón.

“The commitment to rail will favour real intermodality between different modes of transport,” says Mr José Antonio Sebastián, the Spanish government’s commissioner for the Atlantic Corridor.

“The corridor projects are fundamental to infrastructure in Asturias and the country as a whole,” Serrano says.

“It is a strategic commitment by the ministry, which is mobilising a large amount of European funding and government money to put this infrastructure into service for the benefit of the people.”

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