IRJ at IAF 2022: SRT, Italy, which was exhibiting alongside its parent company Salcef for the first time at IAF, had two new types of rail grinding train on display: the Vulcano Heavy and the Vulcano Light.

Vulcano Heavy is available in scalable configurations from 22 to 96 grinding stones. The rail grinder is fitted with high precision motors and adjustable-angle stones with high abrasion capacity.

This machine is equipped with measuring systems for precise, continual recording of the condition of the rails before, during and after the grinding process, covering corrugations, rail cross-section and gauge. In addition, Industry 4.0 systems allow remote monitoring for real-time analysis of the machine’s performance and maintenance due dates.

Vulcano Heavy comprises four different types of vehicles permanently coupled together: a pilot grinding module, an intermediate grinding module, a tank module, and a service module.

The Vulcano Light rail grinder is a self-propelled vehicle which can be supplied with 10 or 22 grinding stones. Thanks to its small loading gauge, the unit can also operate on metro lines. Vulcan Light has the same measuring system as Vulcano Heavy and is designed to grind rails in both plain line track and turnouts.

Vulcano Light can operate at a maximum speed of 100km/h, either as a towed vehicle in a train or as a self-propelled vehicle in a track possession area.

The first 10-stone Vulcan Light machine has been supplied for use on the new Line 3 of Riyadh Metro in Saudi Arabia.