The SKr 2.4bn ($US 260.3m) project is expected to make the line more efficient, improve safety and reduce travel times, with Trafikverket estimating traffic will increase from 106 trains a day to 150 trains a day in 2040. The line, which will be designed for a maximum operating speed of 200km/h, is primarily used for passenger trains.

“It is an important and exciting milestone we have now passed in the project,” says Trafikverket project manager, Mr Åsa Rosberg. “With this, we conclude the planning phase that has been ongoing since 2015 and begin the procurement of the contract.”

During the development of the project plans, Trafikverket undertook a number of consultations and reviews involving local authorities, organisations, property owners and private individuals. The plan has also been developed in close cooperation with Helsingborg City and Ängelholm Municipality.

Construction is due to begin by 2020, although this could be delayed if the plan is appealed, with the project due to be completed in 2023.

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