The National Plan for the Transport System 2018-2029 includes SKr 3bn ($US 330m) for improvements at level crossings, which is phased across the duration of the plan. However, the government is now looking to front-load investment with the aim of reducing the risks posed to road and rail users.

Transport minister Mr Tomas Eneroth has instructed infrastructure manager Trafikverket to submit an action plan by May 31. Trafikverket will consult with train operators and other stakeholders to develop its proposals.

The infrastructure manager will also submit an annual level crossing report to the government outlining what actions have been taken and the assessed impacts of its investments.

Funding will be brought forward for safety improvements such as vegetation clearance to improve sightlines at crossings.

In parallel with its focus on level crossings, Trafikverket is investing SKr 1bn between 2015 and 2020 in anti-trespass measures. These include lineside fencing, conical rubber matting and the installation of vision-based trespasser detection systems.