CZECH infrastructure manager SZ has signed an eight-year cooperation agreement with SNCF Network to develop the country’s first high-speed lines, continuing an agreement with French National Railways’ (SNCF) holding company signed in April 2019.

SZ says the existing agreement with SNCF has reduced the preparation time of the new lines by several years, and the new contract, worth up to €8.5m, will continue this cooperation.

SZ director general, Mr Jiří Svoboda, says the conclusion of the agreement is a major milestone in the preparation of the network, which is expected to start with lines in South Moravia, the Polabí region and the Moravská brána area.

Under the new contract SNCF will offer advice on the preparation of documents for zoning decisions and the development of international operation regulations. SNCF will also provide regular communication and supervision during construction, commissioning, maintenance and control. SZ says involving experts who have extensive experience in the design and operation of the technically advanced system reduces the risk of errors that could increase implementation costs.

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