BAHIA Mining (Bamin), which holds the concession for the first section of Brazil’s West-East Integration Railway (Fiol), has selected the TCR-10 consortium to carry out construction work on Lot 1F.

The consortium, formed by Tiisa, Brazil, and CREC-10, China, will build the Reais 1.1bn ($US 223.6m) 127km section through Ilhéus, Uruçuca, Ubaitaba, Gongogi, Itagibá, Aurelino Leal and Aiquara in the state of Bahia. The consortium will be responsible for both civil works and tracklaying over 36 months.

The full Fiol line will be 537km long, connecting Caetité with Ilhéus and Porto Sul when completed in 2027. The line will have capacity to move 60 million tonnes of freight per year, with 40% of this expected to be used to carry iron-ore from the Pedra de Ferro mine while the remaining 60% will be used by other mining companies, agribusiness and other sectors.

Bamin Ferrovia is responsible for building Section 1, while the federal government is managing sections 2 and 3. Bamin is also responsible for the construction of Porto Sul, a deep-water terminal able to receive ships with a gross tonnage of up to 250,000 tonnes.

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