RUSSIAN rolling stock manufacturer Transmashholding (TMH) and track maintenance machinery supplier PTK have signed an agreement to cooperate in the development and production of high-performance track machinery and the introduction of new domestic infrastructure maintenance technology.

According to the partners, this will see the production of up to 1300 units by 2030, as well as the launch of a series of 11 entirely new designs and the granting of at least 12 patents for new products.

The potential value of the Russian market for track maintenance equipment and other special-purpose vehicles up to 2030 is estimated at Roubles 440bn ($US 8.1bn).

PTK and TMH will establish a joint research facility at the TulaTech scientific research centre, which will specialise in the development of innovative, high-performance track maintenance equipment.

The partners also are implementing an import substitution programme that aims for a full transition to domestic components in 2025, including power, electrical and hydraulic systems. To develop the necessary domestic production capacity, they expect to invest up to Roubles 2bn.

“In the areas of construction, repair and maintenance of railway infrastructure, the cooperation of our companies will accelerate the development of new domestic technology and the production of modern products,” says PTK CEO, Mr Alexander Silkin.

“Cooperation with PTK, which has modern technology for manufacturing track equipment, will contribute to the diversification of our business,” says TMH CEO, Mr Kirill Lipa.

Separately, Lipa has also signed an agreement with the governor of St Petersburg, Mr Alexander Beglov, that will see TMH modernise its production site in St Peterburg at a cost of Roubles 3bn between 2022 and 2024.

The TMH investment is expected to create at least 1000 jobs and should assist with the modernisation of the St Petersburg tram and metro systems.

TMH is the current operator of the Oktyabrsky Electric Car Repair Plant, one of the oldest manufacturing businesses in St Petersburg. Over the past decade it has produced a wide range of rolling stock, including metro trains.

TMH has also signed an agreement with Kazakhstan state-owned freight operator KTZ Cargo, with the aim of developing partnerships and modernising the KTZ locomotive fleet.