TRACKLAYING on the 115km Phase 2D of the Etihad Rail project in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been completed in the emirate of Sharjah where 48km of new track has been installed.

Work continues in Fujairah emirate, with 80% of tracklaying on Phase 2D now complete.

In order to optimise the allocation of resources, Etihad Rail’s Chinese contractors have established a tracklaying base at the midpoint of sections B, C and D in the Dubai emirate, with the tracklaying machine making a 180km return journey to and from the worksite every day.

Teams have been working around the clock and in high temperatures to complete tracklaying, including rail welding, ballasting and tamping, which involved the deployment of 10 subcontracting units supervised by the project department.

The contractors also worked closely with the Sharjah Water and Electricity Authority, Etisalat Communication Pipeline and the Federal Water and Electricity Authority to ensure that construction and tracklaying progressed as planned.

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