Frogs are manufactured out of cast austenitic high manganese steel, which is known for its excellent work hardening characteristics and high toughness. However, this material creates a unique challenge to repair as it cannot exceed 260°C, and traditional repairs to frogs can last as little as a few weeks to six months before requiring additional maintenance.

Holland’s LaserWelder can be used similarly to a MobileWelder, and includes pre-weld material removal using plasma cutting and robotically controlled hot wire laser welding to rebuild the damaged area. This process provides improved welding through lower heat input on the parent material, maintaining temperatures below 260°C. This results in a refurbishment that is higher quality, longer lasting, and can be completed two to three times faster than a traditional repair weld, reducing costs and maintenance times.

The LaserWelder is also safer, as staff are subject to much lower levels of fumes and the ability to step away from the machine due to the robotic system conducting the welding. Staff also have increased ergonomic benefits as they do not have to be sitting and leaning over for hours at a time.