The system, developed by RailCare in partnership with Molinari Rail, consists of an independent axle generator that takes up the kinetic energy of the wheel at speeds in excess of 30km/h, converts it into electrical energy and stores it in eight high-performance modular battery packs. This enables logistics companies to supply their containers with cost-effective energy even during standstills, with potential reductions in CO₂ output of up to 75%, and noise reductions of 30 to 35%.

The Powerpack’s adapter frame fits on a 20-foot container’s spigot positions, and doesn’t require complicated modifications to be made to the wagon’s structure. The system also implements a loading connection for the controlled supply of temperature control systems, as well as satellite-based real-time remote monitoring systems. The wagons are fully independent, with no cable connections required, and allow for easy cross-border use without the need to adapt for country-specific electrical systems. RailCare is currently equipping 80 container wagons for Coop Group, Switzerland, with rCE Powerpacks.