The Trimble Gedo IMS-Scan system enables high-resolution recording of track position and the track surroundings. Data collected through the system can form the basis of Building Information Modeling (BIM)-compliant planning, as-built documentation for GIS systems, and final inspections after the completion construction projects.

The system combines the Trimble Gedo CE 2.0 track measurement trolley with the Trimble Gedo IMU unit and a laser scanner. The multi-sensor system is based on inertial measurement technology, providing very high internal measurement accuracy. Using data from the laser scanner, georeferencing is performed using fixed points along the route. Combined, these result in a high-resolution, absolutely referenced 3D point cloud, along with documentation of the track position.

TreadView is an automatic non-contact optical system that inspects wheel tread surface, flange, and plate areas at mainline operational speeds, including in harsh environments and at night. The system uses optical imaging and 3D laser scanning to provide visual inspection of the complete wheel tread and flange surface.

The system is designed to detect surface abnormalities on the wheel using high-resolution images and high-density 3D data of the wheel surface. TreadView uses digital imaging and laser scanning technology to ensure maximum data density, accuracy, and efficiency. This is utilised by image processing algorithms to assess wheel tread and flange surface condition from acquired multispectral multi-illumination images.