The machine can be operated by one person, and fills a middle ground for maintenance sites that are too large for manual tampers but too small for conventional tamping machines to be cost effective.

The machine is equipped with Plasser and Theuer tamping units which come in three variations: single-head plain line tamping for single rail treatment; single-head S&C tamping for bearer treatment; and double-head plain line tamping for sleeper treatment.

The system incorporates a lightweight design with interchangeable wheels for road and rail for ease of transport to worksites and features configurable wheelsets to run on all common track gauges, as well as an integrated on/off tracking device and optional turntable.

Romitamp 2.0 works both forwards and backwards without the need to turn the machine, which improves speed and safety, and can be operated by one person. The machine also features the option of lift/line and a measuring unit.