All these products have been technologically and aesthetically renewed to increase performance and opportunities for industrial designers as well as offer pleasant looking products that can be integrated into the factory design.

Compact Rail is a system of rails with bearings in cold drawn steel with induction hardened and ground raceways to manage misalignment. The new version is reliable in dirty environments, resistant to corrosion and has a long life due to induction hardened raceways, solidity and sturdiness guaranteed by the steel slider.

The new Plus version also provides better performance, thanks to double ball bearings and new rails with convex raceways which guarantee greater rigidity with increased load capacities up to +170% in the axial direction and +65% in the radial direction. The entire Compact Rail range now offers new steel sliders equipped with self-centering raceway cleaners, integrated lubrication systems for the raceway cleaners with a slow-release felt pad for automatic lubrication, lateral seals to protect the internal components and a cover on top to prevent accidental alterations or tampering with the radial ball bearing rollers.