The platform is a central hub for fleet management, giving users access 24/7 to contractual information and allowing them to call up the data of wagons on hire in real time. Recent features include estimated time of arrival services and the ability for customers to check brake block conversion status.

VTG’s FastTrack service enables customers to book short-term, flexible freight train hire via Traigo, enabling them to manage spikes in demand or unplanned loads.

Short-term hire is now available in Hamburg, Rotterdam and Gothenberg, and all container wagons are fitted with VTG Connector sensors, which allow customers to track the status of all transport data including container temperature, shock detection and positioning through GPS/QZSS, Glonass, Galileo, BeiDou and GSM systems.

VTG plans to expand its range of ports in future. In addition, VTG will provide traction in-house through its subsidiary VTG Retrack.