The gearbox is easily modifiable, providing reductions in development times and manufacturing costs while still benefitting from high performance. The gearbox can operate variable centre distance of 350mm to 370mm, and ratios within a single, noise-optimised housing. It is designed for a maximum load of 17 tonnes and a top speed of 120km/h at a maximum engine speed of about 6000rpm.

In addition, the gearbox is easily adaptable to incorporate digital functionality, including comprehensive monitoring systems such as the ZF [email protected] system.

ZF’s EcoWorld (pictured) is a compact, powerful and cost-efficient DMU system which offers a drive power maximum of 600kW and an input torque of 2500Nm. It features a revised and extended powershift transmission, and a reversing gear with two shift positions directly integrated into the transmission. Thanks to a new drive system that can be combined with a range of axle ratios, the transmission is suitable for both slow-speed and fast long-distance operation.

Equipped with an optional advanced coasting function, the transmission allows additional fuel savings of 5% depending on route, engine type and load condition. EcoWorld can be fitted in existing trains to prolong the vehicle’s service life and significantly reduce operating costs.