SPANISH national operator Renfe has announced plans to invest €100m in digitalisation with the aim of improving passenger safety, information, and customer service on its Cercanías (suburban) and Media Distancia (regional) services.

Under its €31.7m Smart Station Security (RS3) project, Renfe is digitalising security systems at 483 Cercanías stations to collect and process data automatically and anonymously via the CCTV system and integrate it into a centralised dashboard. More than 5000 analogue cameras will be replaced with IP-based cameras, enabling information to be shared through an integrated real-time video analytics system.

In addition, RS3 involves the procurement of 500 new servers and the renewal of operating systems and hardware. Cybersecurity infrastructure will also be strengthened. The project is due to be completed in 2024.

To implement RS3, Renfe has awarded contracts to imaging intelligence and analytics firms, including imotion Analytics, one of the start-ups being accelerated through Renfe’s TrenLab innovation programme.

The investment is part of Spain’s Covid-19 Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, which is being financed by the European Union through the Next Generation EU Covid economic recovery programme. 

Renfe has also launched a €23.2m tender for a 30-month contract to supply, install and maintain multimedia passenger information screens at stations, and a €12.3m contract for precision electronic timing systems.

The operator is also tendering a four-year contract worth an estimated €37m to supply GSM-R equipment for 534 Cercanías and Media Distancia trains.