The locomotives were ordered under a framework contract signed in June 2016, with Akiem agreeing to purchase 26 Traxx AC and MS locomotives, which are configured for use in 12 countries, initially. A further 10 locomotives were ordered in November, and the units will be configured to operate with ETCS Baseline 3 where required.

Mr Haiko Böttcher, CEO of HSL Logistics, says he is confident that the new locomotives will help the company to expand its operations. HSL currently operates 300 trains per week.

Akiem has ordered 87 Traxx locomotives since 2011, and HSL will receive these latest three units for entry into service later this month.

“These new locomotives don’t just meet our customers’ requirements, they also expand our business’ development in Europe by extending our service, flexibility, and performance,” says Mr Hengameh Panahi, managing director of Akiem.