POLISH locomotive leasing company Cargounit has signed a contract with domestic manufacturer Pesa for the supply of an initial 10 electric locomotives fitted with auxiliary last mile engines, with an option for the supply of another 20 locomotives.

The locomotives will be of the Gama Marathon type and one factor prompting Cargounit to choose Pesa is speed of delivery. The first 10 locomotives are to be delivered in February 2023, and then it is intended that another 10 Gama Marathons will be delivered by the end of December 2023.

“The first 20 Gama Marathon locomotives are to be delivered in 2023 in order to address existing high demand for modern traction,” says president of Cargounit, Mr Łukasz Boroń.

The Gama Marathon has a traction generator driven by the auxiliary diesel engine which enables the locomotive to move on unelectrified sections of the network.

This allows the locomotive to haul a 3200 tonne freight train on a gradient of up to 0.7%. The auxiliary engine can also be used in emergency situations, allowing the locomotive to haul a train to its destination when there is a power failure.

“With the delivery of the powerful DC electric locomotives with a last mile diesel-electric engine we are able to offer to customers an efficient and ecologically-friendly solution, which allows freight operators to reduce the use of additional diesel traction for the last mile,” says Boroń

“We chose locomotives with a Pesa commuter module because they perfectly fit the needs of our customers. One locomotive which can drive trains under electric traction, and then perform shunting works in ports or terminals, is a solution that not only reduces costs, but also allows you to save time and increase the efficiency of transport. 

“The use of a modern electric locomotive with an auxiliary power module meeting [European] Stage V emissions standards at the end of the line means reducing CO2 emissions.”

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