The agreement will allow Duro Daković to sell the Griffin to customers in both EU and non-EU countries, and the two companies will jointly produce an initial batch of four single-voltage locomotives.

"This is an important agreement for Duro Daković because it brings locomotive production back to Slavonski Brod for the first time in 23 years," says Duro Daković chairman Mr Vladimir Kovačevi. "Bearing in mind that [Croatian Railways railfreight subsidiary] HŽ Cargo needs new locomotives, we hope that with good quality products, competitive prices, and additional benefits together with Newag we can gain the trust of the carrier."

Newag is offering the Griffin in seven different variants for freight and passenger operations, including 3kV dc, 15kV/25kV ac, and multi-system electrics. All electric versions of the Griffin have a continuous output of 5.6MW and a maximum speed of 140 or 200km/h.

Duro Daković ceased locomotive production during the Balkan conflict in 1991, but continues to produce freight wagons at its Slavonski Brod facility.