This includes 14 3.28MW ac heavy-haul freight diesel locomotives and two DF8B diesel locomotives due to be supplied by CRRC Qishuyan under contracts awarded at the end of 2019.

The maintenance contract was signed by Mr Wei Zhimin, director of CRRC Qishuyan’s International Trade Centre, and Mr Zhang Yong, general manager of the Guinea Win Alliance Project Qingdao Regional Company, following a meeting between Mr Xu Renhua, deputy general manager of CRRC Qishuyan, and Mr Sun Xiutai, vice-president of Winning International Group, Singapore, and the director of construction in Guinea.

Win Alliance Guinea Railway is constructing the line through the Bokai and Jindia districts in northwestern Guinea to support the Win Union Shengtu Mining Area, which mines bauxite.

Construction began on March 29 2019, with the line due to open in June 2021.