The 2.9MW dual-voltage (3kV dc and 25kV 50Hz ac) locomotive was rebuilt from a former Belgian National Railways (SNCB) class 12 locomotive, which was originally built by BN in 1986. CZ Loko has acquired 12 of the locomotives from SNCB, with the first arriving in the Czech Republic in 2012.

The locomotives have been rebuilt to the latest European standards with the aim of improving performance and reliability while minimising maintenance costs. Originally capable of 160km/h, the EffiLiner 3000 has been regeared to increase tractive effort for freight operations, reducing the maximum speed to 120km/h.

The locomotives will need a new authorisation to operate on the Czech network due to the extent of the modifications.CZ Loko will also certify the EffLiner 3000 for operation in Slovakia and, in the longer-term, Hungary and Poland. CZ Loko will decide following the completion of the authorisation process whether to proceed with the conversion of the remaining 11 locomotives.