Under the $US 1bn 15-year contract awarded by UZ in February, GE will supply 30 complete six-axle TE33A Evolution Series diesel-electric locomotives, with further locomotives supplied as kits over a 10-year period. GE will also be responsible for modernising UZ’s legacy fleet and providing maintenance services.


The TE33A is claimed to be the first new modern diesel locomotives to haul freight trains in the Ukraine since 1992. Acting head of the UZ board, Mr Yevgen Kravtsov, says the first locomotive was named Trident 1 to represent the partnership between the Ukraine, GE, and the State of Pennsylvania.

GE Transportation also unveiled its new Additive Lab, a $US 1.5m laboratory that creates locomotive parts in a 3D Printer. The goal is to start producing printed locomotive parts to the schedule of one part per locomotive in 2019, 20 parts in 2020, and 1000 parts by 2025. The laboratory, which will employ 15 people, will allow components to be created and combined to reduce cost and increase efficiency of future locomotives.