The initial batch comprises three multi-system (25kV 50Hz ac/15kV 16.7Hz ac/3kV dc) Vectron MS locomotives and two dual-voltage (25kV 50 Hz/15kV 16.7Hz ac) units with last-mile diesel engines. Deliveries will take place in summer and autumn 2017. All five locomotives will be equipped with ETCS Level 2.

GySEV is investing in new traction as it seeks to strengthen its position in the north-south rail freight market, transporting goods from Poland to the Adriatic via Hungary’s recently-electrified Rajka -Szombathely - Hodoš line. However, the new locomotives will also be used on InterCity trains from Szombathely and Sopron to Budapest.

GySEV told IRJ that it intends to exercise the option for four additional dual-voltage (25kV 50Hz/15kV 16.7Hz ac) locomotives, although it is not yet clear when the order will be placed. The order value will reach €35m if the option is exercised, and GySEV has a further option in the contract for the maintenance of the locomotives.

The procurement is being financed using a loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB).

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