The Tier 4 certification includes switch duty cycles for locomotives rated at 1.49, 1.64 and 1.72MW and the line haul duty cycle for units in the 1.78-2.39MW range.

All models in the SE Series are based on EMD and GE locomotives, and utilise many of the original components, including bogies, traction motors, and wheels, which are retained and rebuilt wherever possible.

The original engine is removed and replaced with a high-speed MTU engine, which reduces fuel consumption by up to 20%, with a low-speed AR10 alternator. The engine is linked to the alternator via a ZF 2:1 reduction gearbox - a configuration common in the marine industry - to reduce the high RPM of the prime mover to the lower speed required by the alternator. The gearbox is linked to the alternator using a double-bearing adaptor developed by KLW, and a Geislinger or Centa coupling.

The locomotives are also equipped with a TMV Traction and Engine Control Unit (Tecu), which controls the engine speed and power, cooling fans, direction control and automatic engine start-stop (AESS). KLW says the Tecu is around 75% smaller than a typical Dash-2 module rack and therefore requires much less wiring than older electronic systems. A touchscreen interface enables real-time monitoring of the locomotive’s diagnostics.

Tecu also features wheelslip control, which can increase starting tractive effort by up to 40%.

Knoxville Tier4 LARGE