The six-axle locomotive harnesses lithium-ion battery technology and battery management systems alongside ac traction. The 2.3MW locomotive will offer zero-emissions and has a battery capacity of 2.4MW hours for an operation time of 24 hours, depending upon charging and utilisation. The unit will undergo rigorous testing in all types of service at PHL and is scheduled for delivery in the second half of 2021.

“PHL has always been in the forefront of demonstrating and acquiring successful new, low emission technology,” says Mr Otis Cliatt II, president of PHL.

“The Joule is the first battery electric switcher locomotive designed by a major locomotive supplier for North America that appears robust enough for the demanding PHL environment. As such, PHL is pleased to have the opportunity to demonstrate this technology. What Progress Rail and PHL will learn from this demonstration will hopefully advance the prospects for zero emission locomotive solutions in the San Pedro Bay ports.”