The D2862 LE63x (pictured) is a completely new 24.2 litre 12-cylinder engine, offering outputs ranging from 588kW to 735kW. The engine based on MAN's latest V12, which is already in widespread agricultural, marine, and industrial use, and has a height of 850mm, making it suitable for underfloor applications.

The turbocharger has been moved to the side of the engine to allow easy access for maintenance, although MAN can supply the D2862 LE63x with a centrally-mounted turbocharger if required.

The D2862 LE63x is compliant with EU Stage IIIB emissions standards, and employs Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology from MAN's current range of lorry engines.

Also on display at InnoTrans is MAN's new D2876 LEU63x 12.8 litre V6, which is smaller than its predecessor but more powerful, with an output of up to 390kW at 1800rpm.