The supplementary authorisation to place into service (SAPS) applies to Vectron MS locomotives (variant X4-E-Lok- A10, version D 1.03) equipped with ATB-EG, LZB80E Eurloloop, SCMT, MIrel, SHP, and Alstom ERTMS equipment (Levels 1 and 2).

This type is capable of operating on 1.5kV dc and 15kV 16.7Hz/25kV 50Hz ac systems. The locomotive is designed to operate at up to 200km/h but is limited to a maximum of 160km/h on the Dutch network.

The locomotive is permitted to operate on all cross-border electrified lines into Germany, but cannot work across the Dutch-Belgian border.

The Vectron MS only required SAPS certification to run in the Netherlands because an Authorisation to Place into Service (APS) has already been granted in another European Union country (in this case Germany).