EMD Uptime monitors locomotive fleets to increase reliability and optimise maintenance. Progress Rail says this should result in improved fleet utilisation and productivity, better fuel efficiency, enhanced safety and significantly less downtime. Rail operators are able to track the status of a single locomotive or an entire fleet from a tablet or smartphone.

“EMD Uptime will help customers not only get the most out of their locomotive fleets, but also help prevent potential failures before they occur,” says Mr Paul Denton, senior vice-president, marketing and analytics, with Progress Rail.

“Recently, we formed strategic partnerships with other companies, such as Uptake, on our latest predictive analytics platform, and Seeing Machines, for fatigue monitoring,” says Mr Billy Ainsworth, Progress Rail’s president and CEO. “In the past year alone, we have also acquired companies and technologies, such as Inspired Systems, Applied Ultrasonics and our new drone inspection technologies. All of these steps result in improved value for our customers by deploying integrated solutions across the entire rail ecosystem.”