UL already has orders for 221 8.8MW 3kV dc 2ES10 twin-section electric locomotives, 30 of which have already been delivered to RZD. The annual volumes of the forthcoming order will be defined by the end of 2014.

This year UL will reach its full production capacity of 120 locomotives, but is working to increase capacity to 150-170 units per year.

By end 2012, UL will also present to RZD a concept for a new dual-voltage freight electric locomotive with asynchronous traction. RZD currently has no dual system freight locomotives.

Earlier this year, UL signed an agreement with Ukrainian Railways (UZ) for the delivery of 50 electric locomotives, which will be used on steeply-graded lines in the Carpathian Mountains. UL is working on an ac variant of the 2ES10 which will be designated 2ES7.