The deal was signed on January 27 at Budapest railway museum, when Softronic also handed over the first locomotive for LAC's railfreight subsidiary CER Cargo Holding. The 25kV 50 Hz/15kV 16.7 Hz ac unit is the first dual-voltage Softronic Transmontana to operate in Hungary and only the second to be registered in the country.

Softronic and LAC Holding plan to start locomotive production in Hungary by the end of this year, initially assembling Transmontanas using parts supplied by Softronic. However, within a few years the proportion of parts supplied by Hungarian subcontractors is expected to reach 70-80% share and LAC Holding also intend to develop a 3kV dc version of the Transmontana locomotive.

Options for the location of the plant are still being discussed although the partners expect to reach a decision on this by the end of this month.