Stadler is supplying 12 Euro 4001 locomotives to VFLI, with the French operator also taking on the prototype EuroDual electro-diesel locomotive.

Stadler and VFLI signed the purchase contracts for 13 six-axle locomotives in June 2018. Three Euro4001 locomotives were purchased directly by VFLI and nine were acquired by leasing company Alpha Trains to be operated by VFLI.

The Euro4001 locomotive, which succeeds the Euro4000 locomotive, is fitted with ETCS and an engine rated at 2.8MW that meets EU Stage 3B emission standards.

The EuroDual locomotive, which Stadler has used for certification of the platform in France and Belgium, which is expected in the next weeks, can operate on electrified lines at 25kV ac and 1.5kV dc. The locomotive is also fitted with a Stage 3B engine rated at 2.8MW for operation on non-electrified lines.

German freight operator ITL, a subsidiary of Captrain Germany, ordered four EuroDual locomotives at the end of 2018. The 120km/h locomotives will be authorised for operation in Germany, combining both electric on ac electrified lines (15kV 16.7Hz and 25kV 50Hz) and diesel.

The new generation of Co-Co locomotives developed by Stadler Valencia feature an improved adhesion control system and a tractive effort up to 500kN.