Bombardier has been working with BLS Cargo to gain full authorisation for the 5.6MW design, which is equipped with a 240kW auxiliary diesel engine for operation on non-electrified branch lines or sidings.

The 15kV ac locomotives, which are designated class 187, have been in use with BLS Cargo since last March. BLS Cargo leases its class 187s from Railpool, which ordered five Traxx Last Mile units from Bombardier in 2011 as part of a framework contract for 36 locomotives. Railpool also owns the three pre-series class 187s.

On January 29 Swiss Rail Traffic took delivery of a multi-system class 487 Traxx Last Mile, which will also be used in Germany and Austria. This locomotive is equipped with ETCS Level 2.

SRT-TRAXX-AC-LM 01-2015 2