algiers_lrv.jpgThe 7.2km line, which will be operated by Algiers Urban and Suburban Bus Transportation (ETUSA), serves 13 stations from Bab Ezzouar to Bordji El Kiffan. Two additional sections - from Hussein Dey - Bab Ezzouar, and Bordji El Kiffan - Dergana - are currently under construction. Once completed, the line will reach 23km and include 38 stops.
Mediterrail, a consortium of Alstom, ETRHB and Todini, is responsible for the first section of the line which was completed in December 2010. Alstom, the project leader of the consortium, has provided a portion of the civil engineering, and infrastructure including platforms, rails, electrification, signalling and ticketing, as well as the maintenance depot at Bordji El Kiffan and the command centre.
Alstom has also supplied a fleet of 41 Citadis LRVs, which have already been delivered. Each LRV is 40m long and can accommodate up to 400 passengers during peak times. Alstom will be responsible for maintenance of the network and the LRVs for 10 years.
The light rail project is part of the development programme initiated by the Algerian government in response to growing demand for public transport. 50 years after trams were phased out in Algiers, the new line will form a key component of the capital's continuing eastward expansion.