The 15-year contract, which includes maintenance of
the fleet, could rise to Euro 190 million if an option for the supply
of additional LRVs is activated. The LRVs will be coupled into double
units of 65m total, a configuration similar to the 22 vehicles already
under construction for Rabat, the kingdom's capital, which Alstom says
will optimise spare parts and maintenance costs for both networks.
The Citadis units will operate on a 30km line crossing the city from
east to west carrying up to 250,000 passengers per day. Commercial
services on the $US 768 million four-line network are expected to begin
in December 2012.
The Casa Transport contract, signed last month, continues Alstom's 40
year association with Morocco. Since 1992 the French manufacturer has
supplied 27 electric locomotives to the Moroccan state owned railway
operator (ONCF) and is currently delivering 20 next-generation Prima
electric locomotives. In addition to its Casablanca and Rabat tram
contracts, Alstom has modernised the signalling system on 900km of
lines and at 60 stations nationwide, doubled the tracks on the
Fez-Meknes line, and plans to establish a high speed link between
Tangiers and Kenitra.