Under the agreement which is worth $US 70m, CRRC will maintain and provide spare parts for 705 CSR EMUs introduced in 2013-2014. The EMUS are operated as eight-car trains on the Roca line, nine-car sets on the Samiento line, and four-car sets on the Mitre line.

In addition, the company will also provide technical assistance and training for railway employees, in line with Argentine president Mr Alberto Fernandez’s intention that they “transfer knowledge to our workers and professionals, allowing them to carry out daily maintenance work and guarantee perfect condition on our railways.”

The deal comes in response to concerns about the poor maintenance of rolling stock on the lines, for which no spare parts have reportedly been purchased in the past four years. It is hoped that in addressing this issue FA will be able to provide a more reliable and frequent service.

“The workers carry out a task which is very complex due to the state of abandonment and decline in investment and maintenance of security railway in recent years,” says transport minister, Mr Mario Meoni. “The signing of this agreement is a step towards the acquisition of spare parts, which will allow us to provide a better service and greater security for all users.”