TrackSafe is a joint initiative of the Australasian
Railway Association and UGL and is supported by QR National, Pacific
National, Rio Tinto, Brookfield Rail, RailCorp, South Australian
Government, Public Transport Authority of Western Australia and Metro
Trains Melbourne.

The Australian rail industry has
so far raised more than $A 1m to support TrackSafe. A further $A 1m is
being sought to maintain the foundation's work which includes research
into design and engineering controls and investigations into potential
solutions to the high rate of rail trespassing in Australia. Another
aim is to engage stakeholders to look at ways of coordinating and
broadening the reach of current level crossing safety campaigns. There
are more than 30 level crossing fatalities a year in Australia.

foundation will work with groups such as LifeLine and BeyondBlue who
assist people with mental health issues to develop suicide prevention
strategies for rail in Australia. There are around 200 suicides a year
on the Australian rail network. Work will also focus on alleviating or
mitigating the trauma for rail employees, the ‘silent victims' of
suicides or level crossing incidents.