agc700.jpgAppropriately the final train is destined for the region in which it
was built, and was presented to Mr Dominique Plancke, chairman of the
transport commission of Nord-Pas de Calais by Mr Jean Bergé, president
of Bombardier Transportation France, in the presence of Mr Jaques
Goolen, Regional Director of French National Railways (SNCF).

Since 2004 AGCs have been delivered to 21 French regions in a variety
of traction configurations including diesel, single and dual-system
(25kV ac/1.5kV dc) electric, and bi-mode. The trains are formed of
three or four cars, seating 160-220 passengers. Rhône-Alpes has the
largest fleet with 83 trains.

Nord-Pas de Calais has ordered 45 AGCs, of which 30 are bi-mode trains and 15 are dmus.