The system is based on a 560kW eight-cylinder diesel engine with a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) catalytic converter, which is connected to a power-shift transmission unit. SCR reduces the engine's emissions by injecting a urea-water solution into the exhaust system.
The heart of the after-treatment system is the supply module is an electronic control unit (DCU) and an AdBlue (carbamide-water reducing agent) pump unit. The DCU records data from the engine, exhaust, and train control systems, and calculates how much AdBlue is required.
A 400V three-phase current generator is integrated into the power pack, which, together with a converter, provides the entire auxiliary power supply and the power for the cooling system. Bombardier says this reduces idling fuel consumption and eliminates the need for hydrostatic oil circulation which reduces the number of components and maintenance time.
Four Itino Clean dmus have been ordered by Fahma Vehicle Management for the Frankfurt - Eberbach - Stuttgart Odenwald line in Germany, and these will enter service later this month. A further 13 dmus have been ordered by Swedish operators, with the first for Västtrafik due for delivery in December.