The project involves building 41km of 6m-diameter
single-bore tunnels, construction of seven underground stations, and
electrification of the Airport Junction - Maidenhead line. Preparatory
works will take place this year, initially at Farringdon, Tottenham
Court Road and Paddington in readiness for the start of main
construction works next year.
Ten-car trains will run over the 118km network, which will stretch from
Maidenhead and Heathrow Airport in the west to Shenfield and Abbey Wood
in the east, serving 38 stations and carrying up to 200 million
passengers per year.
At £15.9 billion, Crossrail is expected to become Europe's largest
civil engineering project and one of the world's most expensive railway
projects. The government is contributing £5.6 billion, while £7.7
billion will come from the Mayor of London's budget via Transport for
London and contributions from businesses in the city. Network Rail will
also carry out £2.3 billion of infrastructure works to increase
capacity on the existing lines east and west of the central tunnel.The line will open in 2017.