SOUTHEAST Bavarian Railway, a subsidiary of German Rail’s (DB) regional operating business DB Regio, has placed into a service a double-deck coach featuring innovative interior concepts developed as part of DB’s Idea Train programme.

The Idea Train was exhibited at the InnoTrans trade fair in Berlin in 2022, and new seating and other concepts from the programme are now being tested in passenger service on the Munich - Mühldorf line.

The modified coach, also featuring a special grey and silver livery, has been incorporated in a push-pull formation operating on the line since July 3.

High bench seats around the regular's table. Photo credit: DB/neomind

Public transport authority Bavarian Railway (BEG) has provided €1.5m in funding for the project. The 10 innovations now being tested include ergonomic seats with breathable covers and a back-friendly design, some equipped with side tables.

One new seating configuration is the “regulars' table” with high benches around a bar-like table, and there are also compartments with open layouts and storage space for luggage below and above the seats.

Corner bench seating is aimed at small and large groups, while armchair-style seats aim to provide an undisturbed view out of the window.

Wider seats in the family area. Photo Credit: DB/neomind

For families, there is a dedicated area with a large side table and wider double seats on which several children can sit next to each other. There is also extra space for prams and other luggage.

The Idea Trains features screens that display information on the journey and seat occupancy of the train, while a multi-purpose area provides space for suitcases, prams or bulky luggage as well as additional tip-up seats.

Office cubicles provided an undisturbed working environment. Photo credit: DB/neomind

For passengers who need to work during the journey, there are four office cubicles that aim to provide an undisturbed environment. They feature first class seats, 27in screens with connections for laptops and tablets, and 230V power sockets.

In first class, the Idea Trains features electrically-adjustable armchairs with a small partition to provide more privacy from the neighbouring seat.

A special livery has been applied to the Idea Train coach. Photo Credit: DB/neomind

DB says that aim of the Idea Train “to use innovative concepts to make regional trains even more attractive in order to convince even more people to switch to climate-friendly local transport”.

Using this toolkit of innovations, DB expects to introduce selected interior concepts in up to 500 trains across Germany by 2026.

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