THE European Commission has called for submissions for a consultation aiming to support the transition of transport modes including rail as well as maritime and aviation to become more environmentally friendly and digitally focused.

Companies across the sector as well as public authorities, social partners, research organisations and all interested parties are invited to participate and contribute their views on how the sector can embrace sustainable and digital technologies while increasing overall resilience. This will be achieved by embracing digitalisation and strengthening the flexibility of supply chains.

The aim is for the parties to help better define the costs, needs and conditions to accompany the transformation of the transport sector. A jointly agreed plan, known as the transition pathway, will be finalised during 2022.

“Mobility and transport are essential for European citizens, our economy and employment,” says Mr Thierry Breton, EC commissioner responsible for the internal market. “But this industrial ecosystem is also subject to significant transformations.”

The consultation will last until March 31.